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Marketing Execution Services

Marketing Automation (Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, Pardot)

As a full service marketing automation and operations company, we partner with you to unleash the power of marketing automation to ensure that you get the most out of your marketing automation investment. Our team has extensive experience in creating and running marketing operations for various technology companies and we want to use that experience in streamlining and optimizing processes for our clients to ensure the execution process is efficient and aligned with their business needs.


We have conquered various system/process challenges and highlighted motivated to work as an extension of your team to drive successful results for you.


Audit/Assessment of current marketing automation platform

 Already have a marketing automation platform? We assess your current setup, how your team uses it, the content you push out, and your results. Then we develop a roadmap to help you maximize your efforts and increase your leads and conversions


Full marketing automation managed services

We partner with you to fill in your marketing automation gaps or to manage the entire process for you. This can include everything from executing your email campaigns, creating landing pages, list imports etc We have certified marketing automation experts that can handle all your marketing automation needs and help you in scaling up.


  • Marketing automation (full implementation and audits)

  • Lead Nurture programs 

  • Lead Scoring

  • Data Management and Segmentation (Data standardization, normalization, contact washing machine)

  • Marketing automation and SFDC integration

  • Demand Generation programs setup (emails, landing pages, blogs etc)

  • Email or Landing page template creation and updates

  • Webinar and event workflows

  • Design and Implementation of multi channel automation processes

  • Sales Funnel Design and implementation

  • Dedicated Full Marketing automation support

  • Campaign attribution model

  • Reporting and Analytics

  • 3rd party application integration

Our approach is simple - When we get engaged with you, we will take on all your logistics and execution needs so that you can focus on campaign planning and creativity. We will fast track execution process for you and will help you in understanding what is working Vs what is not. 

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